Thursday, May 31, 2012


Many people are off sugar at the moment. It appears that I am not one of them.

Yesterday I was shopping at North Lakes with a friend and on the way to the school pick up she suggested (insisted) that we stop by Sugarland and pick up some cupcakes for our girls (ourselves). I had never been to Sugarland before. I can't believe there's a little gem like this so close. Now I know how all these other mums whip up amazing cakes. I can not wait till my girls have a birthday. No more mini cupcakes from coles for my girls. I am going to whip up something awesome. Maybe, Thor in life proportions or all the H20 Mermaids.

We found a pack of 4 each. This was perfect, one for each children, one for us and one for the husband.

My husband was a little late home...
 and his portion got smaller and smaller...
 ...oh well. He'll never know what he missed.

Sugarland Cake Toppers
Shop 4/1646 Anzac Avennue, North Lakes
07 3491 8383
They also have a store in Aspley


  1. Replies
    1. Yum alright. It's all about the icing. Rx

  2. I love Sugerland too! I visit the lovely ladies all the time so I can decorate my cakes. The only problem is that my waistline expands everytime I walk through the door!!!


    1. You know all the great places. Rachel x

  3. I had to stop myself going again today ...:) Love T

    1. I'm still recovering from the sugar rush, but should be good to go again next week. I need to try one of their gourmet range. Rxx