Friday, May 24, 2013

Driving an Icon: VW Beetle

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You have probably noticed on my twitter and instagram, I have been zipping around in a VW Beetle this week. Thanks to Northstar Volkswagen my girls think I am the coolest mum ever because this is their dream car. Well, it would be if it was pink with flowers and sparkles all over but I was quite happy there wasn't a sparkle in sight.

It's no secret I love Volkswagens. These cars are beautiful to drive, sit on the road nicely and feel safe. For some reason I thought the Beetle would lack these qualities. I thought it would bounce along the road with rainbows coming out the exhaust pipe. It wasn't like this at all. Once I was in the driver's seat I forgot that I was driving the great-grand niece of Herbie-the-love-bug and it feels like a real car. It was very similar to driving a Golf. Comfortable, fast and zippy. I love those quality in a car.
Flipping through the brochure I noticed they come in a great range of colours but what I love most is, they extend the colour to the interior. I wish I had the opportunity to drive the Saturn Yellow Beetle. It would have been like driving sunshine, delivering happiness where ever you go.
Petrol lasted forever. I drove and drove and drove but it didn't come close to the half way point.
The sunroof. Perfect for gorgeous sunny days.
Parking sensors. I really should have these in every car I drive.
It's different to every other car on the road.

The boot is smallish but the rear seats can split and fold down for more space
I like drink holders and I didn't have enough. There are two in the front and I need two just for me.
Some facts
Vehicle style: Small, 2 doors and 4 seats
Power/Torque: 118kW/240Nm
Engine - 1.4L TSI
Fuel consumption - 6.4 l/100km
Safety - 3 point seat belts fitted to every seat
from $34,274 driveaway

I thought this was a fun, neat and zippy car. This is a great car for a single person or a small family. In my perfect world, this is the car I would buy my girls when they start driving. I might even let them pick their own colour and throw on some sparkles.

This is a sponsored post but my reviews are always my honest opinion.

Northstar Volkswagen
320 Anzac Avenue Kippa-Ring
3480 8600


  1. That is a super cool car, but Rachel...... did no one tell you? There ARE rainbows coming out the exhaust.

  2. My absolute favourite cars Rachel! I've had 4 in my driving life, and I love 'em. x

    1. You lucky girl. I'm a wee bit jealous x

  3. Gorgeous little car! My old boss had a vanilla coloured one, with a matching gerbera inside - it was incredibly cute. I like VW's, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed driving it for the week.

    1. That is cute! They don't have the mini flower vase anymore. I guess it was scaring the boys off :)

  4. Sorry - that comment above was me. I lost my H!