Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Evidence I am a Superhero...

Here is all the evidence you need to prove I am a super hero.

At 8.10am I realised it was time to leave for the school run. I was still running around in my PJs. By 8.12am I was heading out the door in my gym wear. There is no way my husband could achieve this in two minutes.
Back from the school run and I notice the kitchen looked like a bomb hit. It would have been impossible for me to concentrate on my run with this mess hanging around. Five minutes later, perfect.
Then the stench of the dogs caught my attention. It's pretty hard wrangling two naughty, wet dogs. But, I managed as only a woman used to wrangling wet, naughty children can. Twelve minutes later, they were clean, sweet smelling and even naughtier.
 Time for a run. 51 minutes and 10 kilometres later.
I love a challenge. I had a small window to get ready. I'm heading out tonight to see RED! at QPAC but I needed to get ready before school pick up and I also wanted to be done by 1.30pm so I could devote all the time necessary into obtaining a ticket to #problogger2013. Shower, cheat curls, bright lippy = 17 minutes.
Finally, preparing Bolognese sauce for the family for dinner. Mince + lots of love + 9 minutes = happy fam. Now it just needs to simmer.
Actually, all this proves is that I am an average mum, with all balls in the air, getting it done.

Meet 'The Mum', a superhero found in most homes. I sure hope all the superheros get spoilt this weekend.....



  2. YAY! Glad you're coming to Problogger :-)

    You are totes a superhero. You might even have inspired me to clean up my act (and my house) and turn into Speedy Gonzales. Maybe ;-)

  3. This is AWESOME! I hope when I become a Mum I get these skills...because I surely dont have them now and I have no children...just the very smelly dogs!

  4. Ha, great post! I thought I'd had things down to a fine (quick) art before, but now with two, I'm finding I'm even faster!

  5. You're such a legend Rach - and I thought I was fast :)

  6. I think you need a theme song :)

  7. Whoa. Yes, definitely a superhero! Go Rachel! (I discovered you through your lovely comment on Michelle's dysautonomia blog.) Cheers!