Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I look for when buying clothes.

There are a few boxes that need to be ticked when I'm on a serious clothes buying mission:
  1. Comfort. If it's not comfortable, I won't wear it. I hate the feeling of claustrophobia when you put on something tight or fitted or itchy or with fabric that doesn't breathe. The more it feels like I'm wearing PJ's the higher it ranks on my 'Get in my Wardrobe' list
  2. It must be easy to put on. It doesn't matter how amazing it makes me look if I pull a muscle pulling up an awkward placed zipper. I'm going to wait until I'm in a nursing home before I ask for help to dress (or undress). 
  3. It doesn't need dry cleaning. This is for two really good reasons. I am cheap and lazy. I don't have time to drop off and pick up clothes (I barely have time to pick them off the floor) and if I have the dollars to spend on dry cleaning, I'd rather buy a nice bottle of wine and split it with someone awesome.
  4. It doesn't require ironing. I try hard to avoid ironing. I did iron a dress yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised how uncreased and groomed I looked. I am sure people that know me did double takes. They probably assumed it was my evil, well groomed twin sister; 
  5. It must work well with my existing wardrobe; and
  6. It must be a bargain.
Yesterday, I had a meeting in Hamilton and came across the Marg K Boutique closing down sale. Pretty much everything in this shop ticked all my boxes. I was very, very good and only purchased one dress. This Desigual dress was only $80 down from $145. I teamed it with old brown Progetto boots and a necklace from my aunt. I love brown with red, it's softer than teaming it with black.

What puts an item on your "Get in my wardrobe" list?


  1. Yep, same. Sometimes, like today, I was shopping for some new things to add to my wardrobe. Some fresh new colours, some fresh new styles. But... other than that - YEP - same: comfort, no-iron, playing well with others...

    Great post!

  2. Ditto on all those tips there Rachel, especially the bit where it has to be a bargain! And I get where you're coming from when it comes to comfort. I remember trying out a dress that fitted perfectly, and was comfortable to WEAR BUT, was such a pain to take off - it got stuck. :/ Thank goodness I did manage to get it off in the end without the help of the S.A!

  3. Great tips. Ditto shoes. I own some skyscraper shoes, but very few of the pure stiletto variety. Need the comfort, needs to be a bargain, and needs to go with more than one outfit/dress in my wardrobe. And thank GOODNESS shoes don't need ironing! x

  4. Absolutely agree with all of these tips (ironing - what's that?!). And as Nikki at Styling You always says - don't buy it unless you looooooove it!

    Your new dress is lovely, but it looks more pink than red in the photos. Would love to see it in real life!

  5. That dress is divine!!!

  6. I love the neck on that dress, just lovely. Must try red and brown together. Imust say that comfort is the main factor... and to some extent not wearing exactly the same as everyone else. I have just bought EIGHT new pairs of knickers in three styles... have tried one pair but they're just not as comfy as my old faves. Will persist!

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  8. I have honestly never ironed anything in my life! My friend once suggested it's how people look tidy. I said I'm not that interested in looking tidy haha

  9. I love that dress on you, Rachel! The unusual neckline and hem-print are gorgeous.
    I'm sad that the Marg K is closing down, I used to love driving BB to his dentist appointment in Hamilton, then buying a few sneaky items. He was always too groggy in the car on the way home to notice!