Tuesday, January 3, 2012

7 ways in 7 days - Free Nookie dress

Yesterday when shopping for fruit at Bluewater Redcliffe I noticed the Girlfriend magazine had a free Nookie dress worth $69 attached.  I never purchase this magazine and it completey goes against my freebie rules written in an earlier post (the rules).  I decided to break my rules just for you. The last post with the free Seafolly dress 7 ways was popular I thought I would challenge myself to try again.  To make it fun for me, I can only use shoes and accessories in my closet and give myself about 10 mintues to throw it all together.  As you know, I am not a stylist or even stylish, just a girl (pretend with me that 38 is still a girl) on the peninsula that loves a free dress.

This Nookie dress comes in two colours, black and orange.  Black is the safe choice but the orange was the only choice for me.  It only comes in one size, thanks girlfriend.  This can not be a one size fits all, it may be one size fits one thigh.
Well that was fun, looking back over the photos I noticed two things
1. Where are all the fun colours I like; and
2. All the shoes where bought at Shoes on Scarborough on the peninsula.


  1. I love the outfits you put together. I wouldn't have thought about using it as a skirt as well. Angie

  2. You are so talented style wise. I suck at matching pieces together and am often looked at like a crazy cat lady for my "style". I have been scouring you blog and picking up tips along the way Thanks!

  3. Thanks Ozzie Thriftmumma, We all love compliments! I think I have looks like a crazy cat lady a few times too. Thanks for reading. Rachel xx