Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rainy day Etiquette

We have a lot a rain in Queensland at the moment and a friend and I were struggling with our umbrellas in a crowd and she suggested that I should write a post about rainy day etiquette.  Well, gorgeous girl (you know who you are), here it is:

I think the biggest problem in the rain is with the umbrella.  The umbrella is a weapon and must be treated as one:
  • An umbrella is to keep rain off you, if you are undercover you don't need it anymore.  You should close it all the way and aim the tip down.  I wonder about the people that leave them up.  Is it laziness? Have they have forgotten they are holding something above their heads? or do they think the sky is falling?;
  • When walking in a crowd try to raise the sharp points above eye height.  I know this is may get you a little wetter, but water will dry, it's not worth someone losing an eye;
  • Don't angle the umbrella so the water drains off down an innocent bystanders back.  I am not sure if it's my height, but this seems to happen to me a lot; and
  • when entering a building, look around you for people and when it's clear, shake off the excess water before you enter (if possible); and
If in doubt, tie your hair back, put on some waterproof mascara and bright lipstick, a black outfit and some colourful gumboots and go jump in puddles.


  1. heyy there! i love your blog so so so so much! do you think you could check out mine and give me some advice? i would love my blog to be as good as yours one day! <3

  2. Hi Sister Couture, I appreciate your compliment. My blog is still a work in progress and I love any feedback. I would love to visit your blog and I'll do that now. Thanks for visiting. Rachel xx

  3. You won you won!!

    P.S. Love the boots!!

  4. Hmmmm, I do wonder, interesting. VFNB

  5. Thanks Ozzie Thriftmumma, it's so kind that you thought of me.

    Anonymous VFNB, I wonder too. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    Rachel xx