Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Delightful de Leon

Today I have been playing with my de Leon cosmetics.  This business is located in Redcliffe, and if that doesn't make you proud enough, they produce fantastic products, good enough to rival any cosmetics giant in Myer.  I usually buy glosses and I do this because if I leave them in the car, they won't melt.

What I love about the de Leon lip glosses are:
  • Great packaging with fun names, you feel wittier just using them;
  • They are not sticky.  I hate driving in the car with my window down and my glamorous windblown hair stuck to my lips and leaving gloss tracks along my cheeks;
  • They aren't too glossy.  I am not a fan of high gloss, leave that to the Kardashians;
  • No weird taste or odour.  With children and a dog there are enough weird odours around; and
  • Well priced.
I also purchased de Leon's eye primer.  This is completely different to any primer you may have seen before.  It's a thick paste that you dig a little out and it'll melt on the lid and your eye shadow will stay put.  It looks white but goes clear. I then used their eyeshadow #53 Indecent Exposure.  This was a lovely textured, gorgeous nude, the perfect base. Today is a hot day and I have been running around for 5 hours, my eyeshadow is perfect, no creases.

These can be bought online at

de Leon Cosmetics
PO Box 4, Margate Beach, Qld, 4019
This lovely pinky colour is #10 Ambassador.  Perfect everyday colour.
This colour is #1 Looks better in Red.  This is the perfect shade of red for me. 
 #1 Looks better in red, #10 Ambassador and #29 Stay n' Gloat
 Eye Primer
 Gloss Packaging

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