Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cheap as Chips

Too many people had been raving about the Aldi "Lacura" Skin care range for me to ignore it. I'll admit that I was hesitant to try them.  Screwing my nose up at the thought. I wasn't sure that products that cheap should even be washing my floors, let alone my face.

I don't usually go to Aldi, so if you are like me here is some advice, be prepared with a gold coin to hire a trolley and either bring your own bags or buy some there ($0.15 each), as they don't provide bags at the check out. I didn't have a gold coin or bags.  So I ended up juggling way too many things I didn't really need.

Once inside it was a little hard to locate the bathroom section and to work out where the prices were listed. Then you have to dig around in the boxes to find the correct products. There were a few ranges and I selected products from the normal skin range. These products are under $10 each and the hand cream is under $3. I got the products for normal skin, and they were nice and light with a pleasant scent and cheap, cheap, cheap. After a few days, I still liked them. I hadn't broken out, got a weird rash or grown a third eye.  I think I'll be back again.
Lacura Multi Intensive Serum $9.99, Lacura Hand cream $2.99, Lacura Face cream Renew $8.99 and Lacura Eye Care $4.99


  1. I was a bit of an Aldi snob at first, but now I'm a convert. I don't buy everything there, but it has certainly reduced my grocery bill. I haven't yet ventured into the beauty products (didn't want any weird growths!)...I've read a few good reviews, so I might just have to work up the courage to try them!

  2. Hi Debbie, My girls were very excited at the idea of going to Aldi. I didn't recognise anything but they knew all these snacks from other kids lunches. You should try the skin care. Rachel x