Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Squeaky voices are slowly driving me crazy

So, I have had two little girls following me every where for 7 weeks.  Two little budgie voices asking question after question.  I love them a lot and it has been great hanging out with them, but sometimes you really need silence.  So after a morning of "Muuum, why do grown ups have hair down there, do you think _____ (pick a name) does? Muuum, why do dogs smell other dogs bottoms? Muuum, why is my poo black? Muuum, if god told you to hit me would you? Mumm, does it hurt when babies come out? I gave up and took them to AMC (Hoyts) at Kippa Ring to watch Chipmunks 3.

What was I thinking??  If I compare squeaky budgie voices to squeaky chipmunk voices, it's like comparing Paris Hilton to Aretha Franklin or Justin Beiber to Pavarotti.  It was like being forced to rub towelling on your teeth (I hate this) while you had to watch and listen to someone crunching on potato chips with their mouth open.

Afterwards, I asked my girls what they thought.  They loved it, particularly the singing.  That was singing??  I thought it was a documentary on how to kill cats.


  1. Bahaha, does...... have hair down there? The things kids come up with!!

  2. Hello Imperfect Housewife, I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for visiting.

    Hi Anonymous, they crack me up with their questions, some of them I counldn't even bring myself to write. Rachel xx

  3. Haha I must be crazy (or tone deaf) because I love the Chipmunks songs! I think they sound so cute.