Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burnt Orange

I was talking to a well travelled couple visiting from Darwin. They had breakfast at Burnt Orange the day before and raved about it.  In fact, they said "..it was hands down the best breakfast....ever". Wow, what a review!

I had been to Burnt Orange for coffee a few times and the coffee was very nice but it was time to take our relationship to the next level. So, the next morning off we skipped to breakfast. By this time I had extremely high expectations. This is a very cute cafe and has a lovely book nook, filled with books, games and magazines. You are encourage to relax, enjoy your food or coffee and linger. I love that you don't feel rushed.

The breakfast was a little slow coming out. I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all but little Miss 6 & 8 reminded me every 2 minutes of their growing hunger holes. They made smaller versions of the meals for the girls and all the meals were beautifully presented. I think the food was nice and we all cleaned our plates. I won't go as far as saying it was the best ever, but I will say it's in my top 5 on the Peninsula.

Burnt Orange Cafe
95 Prince Edward Parade, Scarborough
07 3203 6943
 The girls Bacon n' eggs
 Vegetarian Eggs Benedict


  1. That looks yummy. I have driven past this place I few times. Definitely stopping next time. Sue from Scarborough

  2. Hi Sue from Scarborough, Yes you should stop by, you won't regret it. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Rachel xx