Friday, January 20, 2012

What a nice day!

Yesterday I look my girls down to Valori Coffee Lounge in Scarborough for a lesson in paper making.  Lesa Hepburn was the paper expert and she was amazing with all the eager children.  I got to sit back and nurse my excellent coffee (made with Neli beans) and delicious Hazelnut log.  Well, I almost got to enjoy the log until the girls saw my eyes roll in delight when I took a bite and they escaped the paper making briefly to demolish the remaining 3/4.
Lesa makes gorgeous paper, gives lessons and you can also order paper making kits from her.  Have a look at her websites How to make paper kit and Red Hot Fibre
Then I delivered my little angels to a good friend and I skipped off to visit Katrina at Lash me. I love Katrina, she does an amazing job and she is always so cool to hang out with. She had some serious work to do with my overgrow brows but she took to the challenge with gusto and I went from Wolverine to a lady in a few minutes. Lash me is at North Lakes and specialised in Lashes, brows and spray tanning.
Then because the day was so beautiful, we finished the day of with a dip in the pool and a chilled Corona. What a great ending to a summer day!


  1. How cool! I am jealous (the good kind):) X

  2. I remember making paper as a child. It was so much fun. I would put flowers and glitter all through it! Might have to order a kit and show my girls how to do it (not sure the boys would be interested, but maybe).

  3. Hi Ingrid, it was cool. They made great paper with hand prints.

    Hello Danielle, glitter paper would be great. I am thinking of getting a kit too.

    Rachel xx