Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday Botox??

I have a birthday next month and I am very excited. No, there isn't anything special about this one, no big 0 or party planned -  just that it's mine. I love birthdays and I will tell everyone it's coming, I'd even wear a birthday girl badge if people didn't think I was weird. I happily skip around for a month beforehand in anticipation. I have no problems with my age, 38 nearly 39. I am a little surprise at the number but I wouldn't want to go back to the 20s for all the chocolate in Coles or Moet in Dan Murphy. The twenties were ruled by silly emotions, working too hard and too long for other people and drinking sweet, creamy cocktails in dim night clubs. The thirties have been great and the late thirties have been the best half (well, third).

My husband always chooses my presents and he does an excellent job, but this year I quietly whispered "I just want you to know that I wouldn't be insulted if you gave me a botox voucher", he scoffed and told me that the lines give me personality (Thank you darling, yours too). I am happy with personality but I want the personality to be happy. I have angry lines between my eyebrows, or they could also be from deep thinking or confusion. I would only like those ones smoothed out, I'd be happy to keep the others.

I know he is probably right, but I can't help but imagine how the world would smile back at me if it didn't look like I was always frowning at it.

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