Monday, January 16, 2012

You've got to love a Freebie

As you know, I love freebies attached to the magazines. This morning I had to make a trip to Kippa-Ring for some necessary supplies and as I rushed through Coles I glimpsed across at the racks of magazines looking for the telltale plastic wrapping or protruding cardboard notifying me of the freebies attached. Excitedly dreaming of lip gloss, tweezers or a make up brush and what did I see ....... nothing .... not even magazines. It was past 11am, how can they be so late in stocking the magazine shelves? Seriously, it's magazine Monday, they should stock magazines before milk or bread. Who is running this circus?

I took a deep breath and walked to the news agency next door. This is usually not the best plan because the freebies are usually only in Woolworth or Coles. As I am walking towards the magazines, I notice one pile significantly high than the others...a thick magazine....wrapped in plastic...enclosing something. Gold I tell you, I struck gold, Cleo this month has a free maxi Seduce dress worth $129 attached. There are two choices, a black one or a pink one with orange trim.
 I am a happy girl, sitting here in my pink Seduce maxi, with my black Seduce maxi wrapped around my shoulders reading how Katy Perry wants to get back with Russell Brand.  I'm pulling for you crazy kids.


  1. I got the black one, did a post on it on my blog! Have to say was rather impressed with it, usually magazine freebies like this are not worth the time!

  2. Hello Jimmi Lou, I read your post. It was great. I love all the looks. It was a good giveaway and nice that they have a dress that can fit more people. I love your blog and look forward to reading more. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Rachel xx

  3. Shame on you Cleo magazine a $129 maxi T.Shirt dress?..more like $15 seriously using these kind of tactics tells me you are struggling in the market.

  4. Want to see you wearing it! How sweet you got a freebie like that!