Saturday, January 28, 2012

People Amaze me

It's so easy to see the behaviour or actions of nasty, unkind or petty people but what I have been made more aware of through facebook and blogging is the extreme kindness of people.

There is a terribly sad story of a blogger that recently lost a children through illness and then last night her husband past away from a heart attack. I have seen an amazing amount of people reaching out wanting to help. If you would like to help this lady and her other three boys you can find information at Seven Cherubs

Locally, there is the wonderful business Lash Me.  They asked people on facebook to suggest ladies that have had a rough time and need a boost so they could offer them a complimentary service.  So many people responded with worthy recipients of the generous prize but even more heartwarming, many other local business like Beautiful You, Petite Princess Parlour, Arke Hair, Nailed in Suburbia, Kidmans Hair, Shoes on Scarborough and so many more, donated other prizes for the ladies needing a boost.

I am so inspired by all these wonderful people and business.  Seek them out and give them some love back.

I think we need to remember to look for the kindness and love in the people around us.


  1. This lovely story brought a smile to my face. Redcliffe sounds like an incredible community to be a part of...

  2. Hi Hope in high heels, your comment brought a smile to my face. Redcliffe is a great community. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love your blog. Rachel xx

  3. It is wonderful to see women helping each other out.

  4. Hello Belinda, it's true, I have felt so inspired by all the wonderful people and actions I have seen lately. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Rachel xx

  5. You have such a beautiful blog!! I know of the family who lost their son and now father. It's truly heartbreaking :( but to see fellow bloggers and community in general reach out really IS amazing!!!