Thursday, February 16, 2012

Confessions of a bargain shopper

If my husband is reading this.  Please stop, it's really only boring girls stuff and would hold no interest for you.

What most people don't know about me is that I am really, really cheap. I love clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare and everything else you can imagine but I can not pay full price. Sometimes I'll even balk at 50% off. It's not that I want to rip anyone off, I just need my limited funds to stretch as far as they can. I have decided to share my post christmas sales bargains. I am definitely looking at next season, summer is nearly over so I'm not investing in that any longer.

This was from Witchery in North Lakes. I think this is my best haul by far. Originally the jacket was $169, slouchy long line white top was $49 and the Raspberry Zebra scarf was $49. I walked out with these delicious wardrobe additions after handing over $25.85. Yes and I am serious. Witchery has a very generous membership card, you should really check it out. 
When shopping for a friend, I came across these amazing shoe boots at Nine West Chermside reduced from $189 to $49.  Insane! I think I'll wear these lot in Autumn and they'll look great with the Witchery outfit.

Myer at Northlakes.  I love pretty bras.  These are hard to see, but trust me, they are pretty and make my bust look hot. The Elle MacPherson one was $69 reduced to $9 and the Chloe and Lola was $49 reduced to $6.
Aaahhh, my slouch black boots from Wittners at Chermside.  I think the original price was $190.  I could look it up but I am too lazy.  These were only $59.  My six year old discovered them hiding at the back of a shelf.  She will be a great bargain shopper one day.
My tan wedges from Zu at Chermside.  Originally $120 but only $36 for the eagle eyed shopper. They are on sale on their website, the link is here.
Lastly, buckled Witchery pants.  These were originally $129 but I paid $29.

Total original prices = $873
Total spent = $213.85

It's important to love what you buy and not just buy them because it's a bargain.  I think I love my purchases but, only time will tell.

I think I am set up pretty well for the change of season and I have no reason to look for anymore bargains. But like I always say, who needs a reason.


  1. Yes, I confess, I will not pay full price for anything!

  2. Jos, you are a lady after my own heart. How can we pay full price when we know they'll eventually be reduced to a 10th of the price? Rachel x

  3. Wow great finds..I too never buy anything full price..unless I really really love it, they always seem to come down in price.

  4. Wow, those are some fabulous finds! I totally agree, why pay full price when it's going to come down later? Hehe. (Thanks for the tip about Witchery, I have to remember that!)

  5. Nothing better than snapping up a bargain or two! I very rarely pay full price for anything ...

  6. i just came across your blog from love meagan! i love that post, i only moved to oz 2 months ago, and i love bargains! def signing up for the witchery card the next time im in perth:)

  7. Karla, I would have to love it and it be at the beginning of the season to pay full price.

    Christine, Witchery is awesome, they have great sales, but also put random amount of $ onto your card.

    Hi Footprints, I get such a rush from a great bargain.

    Welcome to Australia Mel, I hope you are loving it. Love Maegan is awesome. She would be one of my favourite bloggers. Very inspiring and what a sense of style!

    I love receiving all your comments and appreciate you reading my little blog. Rachel xx

  8. Love a bargain too! Great finds.

    Amanda xo

  9. Well done! I don't have shopping stamina, if the sales were all online I'd be there in a flash

  10. Cool blog, and even better you are based in my home town (well really city - but my inlaws live in Northlakes and my parents in Redcliffe). I'm looking forward to living through you whilst I live over here in Saudi Arabia!

  11. Hi Robyn, I am happy to keep you updated on your home town. You blog looks great. I cant wait to try some of the recipes. Rachel

  12. Ooo ooo oo just have to tell you about our latest bargain. Took Miss 15 shopping and got her a cool aviator style brown leather jacket (with the furry collar) from the Just Jeans sales rack. WAS $199. Ours for just $44. What a steal! I guess there are some advantages to being only a Size 6 ;-)