Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest Post - Tina Gray(dot)me

I have a guest post today at Tinagray(dot)me.  I am thrilled because she is one of my favourite blogger.  You will love her, she is very funny. The post is 10 tips for going from Haggard to Hot (well, not so haggard) in 10 minutes.



  1. I may need more than the 10 minutes I am afraid, especially as I age. But I will pop over for inspiration ;)

  2. Hi Rhubarbwhine, I had about minus 10 minutes today. I looked a lot like the before photo in the rush to school. At 8am I realised it wasn't 7am like I though. We were all still in our pjs. Not a pretty sight. Thanks for reading and commenting. I love your blog :) Rachel x

  3. Does that 10 mins include having 2 kids wrapped around your ankles?

    I have started doing the Sock Hair thing for curly hair which works out great but it does require to me brush my hair more than 2 times a week so it might not work out for long :)