Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love....

Ice cream and Sunglasses, and together they are even better.

A few weeks ago I noticed a promotion on facebook called the OPSM Sunshine Tour. They visit places in an ice cream van and give away ice creams and sunglasses. How cool (literally) is that!! They were asking on facebook where they should visit next. I mentioned (a few times) that they should visit Brisbane, Redcliffe. Well, Brisbane was the chosen city but council regulations didn't allow their promotion. It seems that the council has issues with ice creams. Any woo, OPSM was cool enough to contact me and offer me a pair of glasses anyway. I jumped at the opportunity but I was kinda disappointed they didn't offer me ice cream too. I was expecting maybe a cheap pair of daggy sunglasses and instead I receive a fantastic pair of D&G glasses.

Do yourself a favour and jump on their facebook page and to see where they'll be visiting next and hopefully score a great pair of glasses, this is such a generous and fun giveaway.


  1. oh nice one, I do like you specs. I tagged you in a little bloggy award today, dont feel obligated but just to let you know.)

  2. Amazing sunglasses, they suit you too!
    Now let's just hope the sun sticks around for you to get some use out of them :)


  3. Hi Karla, Thank you are so kind. I love your blog and am honoured you would think of me and my little blog.

    Hello Melinda, Thanks, I love them too. It's a great Sunnies day today.

    Rachel xx