Thursday, February 9, 2012

Restless Leg

I am a very light sleeper and I have trouble falling asleep. I am like a cat, I'll jump up on the slightest noise, with my hair sticking up and meowing. Now to make sleep even harder to achieve, a restless leg is driving me crazy. It started about a week ago and only in my left leg, it really is only my left leg. How ridiculous! Instead of feeling like a need to run, I feel like hopping furiously. I haven't had restless legs since I was pregnant six years ago. So now at bedtime, I lay there, not sleeping, kicking, stretching and swearing instead.
I am making a list of things to do today to help rid myself of the restless leg:

  • Hop on the treadmill (notice the pun) and have a long run:
  • stock up on everything suggested at the chemist: 
  • Good stretch before bed:
  • Heat pack under left knee at bedtime:
  • List of really good, satisfying swear words

Anyone got any other suggestions?


  1. Magnesium works wonders!

  2. Hi Jamie, I will definitely pick some up today then. I appreciate the the suggestion. Thanks for reading. Rachel x

  3. I am interested to see who has ideas because I have suffered from restless legs since I was pregnant 13 years ago (noticing a pregnancy theme!) & I can't do anything to stop it! Some nights it drives me insane!

  4. Hi Imperfect Housewife, yes it's really frustrating!

    Hello Jos, 13 years is a long time. That would drive me crazy! What have you done for it?

    Rachel xx

  5. I get the same, it is so annoying. Thanks for the tips x