Friday, February 3, 2012

Craft - Shadow boxing

Months ago my aunt gave me a shadow box (or an old printers drawer) and it has been leaning against a wall in the guest room ever since. Every time I walked past it I could hear a little voice whispering "Pssst, Look over here, look at all my empty spaces", "I feel so alone and empty" or "I'm just a shell of what I could be". So yesterday I decided to silence those pathetic little voices.
I grabbed my girls and dog and went to the beach at the end of my street, Scarborough Beach. Armed with sandwich bags we scoured the beach for interesting shells, stones, worn glass and anything interesting enough to catch our eye.

Then we went home, rinsed our stash and sorted it into piles. Then the girls to start putting pieces into the shadow box. Once we (I) were satisfied, I used some craft glue to glue pieces into place. I am not sure if it will hold but I'll find out soon enough. I know it's not strong enough to hold onto the coral when the dog is trying to steal it. She loves the coral.

Now when I walk passed it the little voices say "look at me", "don't touch that" or "Someone get this dog away".


  1. What a gorgeous idea!! I love it Rachel.
    Does your dog eat the coral or just likes to chew it?

  2. Hi Ozzie Thiftmumma, Thanks, the girls are thrilled and take full credit (and funnily enough, so do I). Regarding the dog, I think she just likes the salty sea smelliness. She is sneaky and sort of chewy/licks. I take it back before I know her true intentions. Rachel xx