Friday, February 10, 2012

Hip hip Hooray!

We have fallen into a birthday tradition in my family. I am not sure how it happened or when, but my daughters (6 & 8yrs) and my sister's daughters, (3 & 17yrs, my lovely nieces) expect a McDonald's breakfast whenever one of us have a birthday. This tradition is only for the four cousins, my sister or my birthday. We usually meet at 7.30am to swap presents, hash browns, cuddles and giggles.  No husband has ever tagged along.

Had we have known that these girls would latch onto the idea, we may have started with the very first birthday breakfast somewhere a little fancier and healthier. But we didn't and we can't travel back in time. The exciting thing is now picking out of our choices of Maccas. We use to just hit Redcliffe, now we have Clontarf and sometimes Northlakes. We wouldn't go to Kippa Ring or Deception Bay for our birthday breakfasts. These just don't scream 'Happy Birthday and I hope you have an awesome day' to me.

How great is Ronald to give us sooooo many choices of venue in such a small area. But, he has been a little slack, there isn't one in Scarborough, Newport or Rothwell yet. Maybe next year.

This morning it's my turn to be celebrated, Woohoo. I look forward to smelling like McDonald's grease all day.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That sounds like a nice tradition. We have cake the night before. I don't even know why! lol.

    Have a great day. Jessica

  2. Thank you Jessica, Cake the night before sounds like an interesting tradition. I wish you could remember why. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Rachel xx