Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maybe we should just be friends?

I have a Cavoodle, she is nearly two years old and is completely perfect for our family. She toilet trained quickly, doesn't lose hair or bark too much, she'll play any game with any child, she'll race to bounce on the trampoline first, jump in the bath when I tell her too and so much more.

So it's really not fair that I love her less when she's been groomed. I wonder if that's normal? She looks like a stranger dog, no, no, no, worse than that, a fancy little stranger dog. Lola is a little tomboy and suits looking a little scruffy (a little like me). But, the weather has warmed up a little and she loves to go for runs, so it was time to lighten her load a bit. The girls were begging me not to, the husband insisted and Lola was just happy to be in the car with her pack.

We took her to Perfect Pooch in Clontarf for the works. We returned an hour later, took a moment in the car to get on our happy face. Once composed, we got out and walked in. The girls screamed...with excitement. They have a poodle now, with pretty prissy bows. Perfect Pooch actually did a really great job and I'll definitely be taking her back then again. They are lovely ladies that are great at their job and love the dogs.
I still like Lola a lot, but it might take a few days until it's love again.

I showed Lola a mirror and she laughed at the girly dog looking back at her.  Poor thing doesn't get it all at.


Perfect Pooches
66 Hornibrook Esplanade Clontarf
1300 046 820


  1. Ha ha, yes I think I do prefer her scruffy and hardcore;)

  2. Thanks Karla, me too. But, she'll run like the wind tomorrow. Rx

  3. she looks pretty with the bows on her ears!

  4. Hi Prettymom, my girls think she looks better with the ribbons too. I think they are planning a whole collection of pretty dog ribbons. Thanks for reading and commenting. Rachel x