Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get your bling on!

I love jewellery and lucky my husband loves it too. I often look like a Gold Coast retiree or a rapper with my bling on, just called me Mz Red (Thanks Pene, I stole that from you). At the moment I am going through a more subtle stage. Just a few select pieces here and there. At first it was hard to break the habit, I felt nude. What I have notice is, people look younger without loads of jewellery. I wonder why that is?

Lucky in the peak of my search for subtly I came across a jewellery website called Pretty Harbor. Ingrid the jewellery designer is French and is creating feminine, handcrafted jewels.

This bracelet is from the Marie Antoinette collection and is called Frivolity RRP $40.
This necklace is called Black Fragment RRP $50.  This is great for dressing up a simple outfit. I love that it's soft, so I won't annoy little heads when they snuggle in for a cuddle.
Ingrid was kind enough to send these to me and one lucky person can pick which they would prefer, the necklace or the bracelet.

To register your interest, please like Pretty Harbor on facebook here, like Redcliffe Style on facebook here and comment below or on facebook.  Too easy!

Please check out Ingrid's lovely pieces at her website.  They are so lovely and well priced.

Pretty Harbor
Jewellery Designer

I have not been paid to write about Pretty Harbour or their Jewellery. 


  1. There is some truly beautiful pieces there, thanks for sharing. I have a birthday coming up so now I just need to slip this into hubs is reading :)

  2. With my first baby due in just a couple of weeks, the "snuggle proof" necklace really speaks to me. There are so many pieces to love on the website, but Tanna in Red really caught my eye.

  3. HI Rhianna, I think that's a great idea. I do that too :)

    Hello Shannen, Congratulations on the baby, what an exciting and scary time. The necklace would be perfect then.

    Thanks for your comments. Rachel xx

  4. She has such beautiful items on her page! The bracelet with the pink bow is just gorgeous. :)

  5. I love a bit of bling, but I rarely change what I'm wearing, unless it's for something special. Boatman loves to buy jewellery so that works well for me!

  6. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will take a look and maybe put some on my anniversary list, though, my hubby mostly ignores my bling requests.

  7. Ooo oo oo pick me! Dibs on the necklace!!!! It would be a fab addition to any outfit!!!

  8. These are gorgeous, thanks for sharing this brand.It's nice to find different things

  9. Wow they are so pretty loving anything hand made at the moment now I'm off for a sticky beale :-)

  10. Ooh just gorgeous! Count me in. The soft snuggle-safe necklace really appeals! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!