Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you ever hide Purchases?

Do you ever tell the ladies at Shoes on Scarborough to keep the shoe box because it's too large to sneak into the house? Do you round the price of the jacket you bought at Abbey Lee down to the closest $50 when you tell your husband about the awesome savings you made? Do you wait 3 months before giving your new dress an outing so you can say 'this old thing'? Do you feel the need to explain why you needed new jeans when you weren't even asked? Or is this just me??

I pride myself on my honesty. I always give back change if I have received too much, if I break something I'll admit it and apologise, I don't return items with sketchy reasons. So why when I make a clothing or shoe purchase I don't prance around in front of my husband showing off the newest additions to my wardrobe. I don't hide anything at the back of my wardrobe but I also don't like to bring his attention to it. Is that dishonest too?

Why do I do this? Is it ingrained into my bloodline? Probably. There is a silent rule in my family, if my sister or aunt or any other females turns up in something new, shiny and gorgeous, we just give a each other a look. This one look manages to convey so much. It says "You look great, is that new, I love it. I wish I saw it first and tell me later where you got it". Do we think the men won't understand or do we just not want to bore them with the insignificant details?

I am the same with makeup, skincare or haircare products too. Is it the money spent or maybe it's because I want him to think I am just a low maintenance natural kinda girl.

Are you out and proud with your purchases or a quiet little mouse?

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  1. I don't always hide everything but I certainly don't make a big deal about it! My hubs is onto anything new though, even if it's been lurking in the wardrobe for months. He should be in ASIO. One time I added up all the discounts on a big day's retail therapy & told him it was 'all 75% off!' which wasn't actually true - shoes at 10% off, a dress at 15% off, jeans at 20% off & 3 shirts at 10% off. I may have tweaked those numbers. I can't hide things but I can bamboozle him.

  2. lmao! I can't get away with it. My mister knows my wardrobe inside and out. He buys me alot of shoes and clothing and takes me shopping.
    When i do splurge and feel guilty i have to own up because i know he will instantly spot a new item.
    It does help curb spending...slightly.

  3. Mrs BC, lol, I love your maths. I'll have to remember that.

    Hi Ozzie Thriftmumma, you are one lucky lady. I would love to be taken on the odd shopping spree.

    Thanks for commenting,
    Rachel xx

  4. I am terrible for doing this!

    I am such an honest person with everything else but I definitely hide purchases ("I've had these shoes for ages!" or "Look what I bought on sale!").

    My fiance doesn't mind me spending so I am not sure why I feel the need to hide it sometimes!

  5. Hi Melinda, you sound exactly like me. Why are we like this? Thanks for commenting. Rachel x

  6. I'm like you Rachel, too honest for my own good ;-)

    I always show hubster what I've bought but feel nervous & guilty sometimes!!!