Friday, February 17, 2012

If I was a Princess...

...and really, really short, I would totally want to hang out at the Petite Princess Parlour everyday.

My niece invited my two daughters to the parlour for a BFFF (Best Friends Forever Funday) get together this afternoon. My sister optioned up, so the girls enjoyed a party atmosphere. Princess Katrina and Princess Rae were amazing with the girls so, we had no concerns leaving them for an hour. We enjoyed a quiet coffee at a local shop and when we returned an hour later we discovered three girls covered in glitter, makeup, nail polish with their hair upstyled and eyes freakishly wide from the sugar rush.
The hair looked great.  In fact, the girls want me to book them in for a wedding they may be attending in September.

I think this would be fun to do with my girls by ourselves too. They can get the 'Princess' makeover and I can get some Shellac nails.  They have Mummy and me treatments, I love that I can can my maintenance done while someone is amusing my girls.

Petite Princess Parlour
Shop 5, Evergreen Centre
14-18 Discovery Dr, North Lakes
07 3491 3588

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