Monday, April 2, 2012


I love winter because I get to break out my boot collection. I have had many of these boots for years and years. I have also inherited a few from my awesome aunt. It really pays to have a family member that is fashionable, generous and similar sized.

My boot collection may look extravagant to some and terribly lacking to others. I have searched high and low for bargains, begged, eaten noodles and then forced myself to wear them over and over to make sure each pair gets great cost-per-wear. I have made a few mistakes, but for every mistake there is an amazing pair of boots that more than make up for the others disappointment.

Also, a lifetime ago, I worked casually a beautiful shoe shop. That year I didn't take home a cent, it all went straight onto shoes.

These are my long boots. I don't own any over the knee boots. I think they would make my legs look way too short and be completely impractical for a busy mum
These are my cowboy inspired boots. 
 Short booties. I love booties because they look great with dresses and tights and also under jeans.
I would hate to think what my collection would be like if I lived in Victoria instead of Queensland. 


  1. Ahh I'm so jealous! I used to have great boots.. then I had my first baby and my shoes size went up over a full size :( .. then my calves got all fat so hence I no longer have boots. ;)

  2. Oh I was just looking at my 3 pairs of boots, and just threw out a pair that I was holing to wear to Melbourne tomorrow, due to bad storage!

    I so need more boots - and I have spotted some lovelies in the shops of late. Your collection looks fantastic!x

  3. I'm definitely a boot lover! I just cleared out my closet and threw out three pairs that were a bit too worn so I have the perfect excuse to pick up a few new pairs!

    I absolutely love cowboy inspired boots, I have one pair that I bought when I was 16 for about $40 and they are still going strong! LOL.

  4. I love boots too. Currently looking for a pair of black knee hi boots, great for wearing with skirts & dresses when it's cold outside!

    But alas, everything I've seen that appeals has ridiculously high heels. I'll let you know if I have any luck!

  5. OMG. I'm stunned. I have one pair of boots which I bought from eBay and don't actually zip up. I SO need to do some more shopping (I hate shopping).

    I'm about to head to Melbourne for a week and am thinking that some boots should be on my list. But... they need to be okay to wear to work, out and casually. Hmmm....

  6. Oh my goodness! I own five pairs of boots. 2 are redback work boots (one steel capped, one not), riding boots, ankle length black high heeled boots & knee length high heeled. Desperately want more but have trouble justifying the cost of them with myself :( I did just have a birthday though so ...