Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ridiculous gifts you can buy your man

Someone recently had a link to the site Me wanty. I can't remember who, but I want to thank them.

This site has given me the giggles. It has some ridiculous items for sale. As you know, my husband is notoriously hard to buy for - I have written about that here. Well, not any more. I know where I'll be ordering his next gifts from.

You can turn your lovely neat iPhone into a massive DSLR for only $249. It won't fit in your pocket anymore but your friends will be impressed. The disadvantage is that may be awkward taking a call.
The Wine Rack bra at only $29. I think this would work best with Red wine. The advantage to my husband is, that I will be a big breasted drunk girl that he can take advantage of. He is a lucky man.
The Daddle, This clever name has come from mixing daddy and saddle together. This will be handy for children's parties and for a small fee I'll even hire him out.  Giddy-up!!
Finally, you can look cool while walking around with your laptop. I have been waiting for someone to invent this, so I can up my cool factor.
I hope I have helped you in finding the perfect gift for your man. You can thank me later.


  1. omg.. what a crack up! I needed this site in my life

  2. Hilarious and here was me pondering things I can make for some extra cash! thanks for sharing. Those bath mat slippers are on my list for sure as I have wanted a heated towel rail for ages and hubby has baulked at the idea so i can lovingly give me something to keep him warm and dry but one slip in these babies and well I might be able to go out and get that heated towel rail after all;-)

  3. Hahaha 'The Daddle' makes me laugh, so funny!

  4. Hi Belinda, it's pretty funny isn't it. I couldn't stop giggling.

    Caz, I was thinking the slippers/bath mat might be handy. I'll make the kids use them when I am mopping the floor, so they don't leave little footprints.

    Hello Melinda, I would love to buy the saddle, just because it is so ridiculous. I could put it on my dog.

    Rachel x

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  6. Hi Marissa, I am glad you like them. There was some other funny ones on the site. Lucky I don't have a credit card or else I would have ordered a whole lot of useless stuff just so I can laugh at my husband. Rachel x

  7. are hysterical! LOVE the site! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. hehehehe they are great. Is that saddle ohs safe lol.