Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Looking for Gold nuggets and finding fools gold

You know those days when you are looking for nuggets and only find a sliver of fools gold.
This is ginger. I love that I am such a bad housewife and my cupboards are so cluttered that things can rot and then grow again in the back of the cupboard.
I like to feel strong. I always feel that I can pick up anything or move really big things. I might even secretly think I was born with super strength. So I was quite pleased when presented with evidence of my super strength. Yes, I am too strong to live in this house. I am like the hulk. This use to be part of our door.
It has been school holidays and today is the first day back at school. Late yesterday afternoon, one of my girls came down with a fever. I had a few emotions simultaneously;
1. concern; 
2. damn (not quiet an emotion); and
2. thinking how awesome I am (also not quite an emotion).

Yes, you read correctly, I can whip up excellent ways to reduce fevers. She could even wear it to school but I think it's too school for cool (P!nk's words not mine).
One gold nugget, A prize from Blundermum arrived and it was packed so pretty. My first thought was 'Tiffany??' Second thought 'Johnsons??' I am happy it was Johnson's because Tiffany jewellery doesn't make my hair smell pretty or keep tears away.

PS: Also, I have some exciting sponsorship news. I can't wait to share it.  xx

Tuesday's I link up with the awesome Jess from Diary of a SAHM.


  1. Awww sick kids are not something you ever want, but inevitable at this time of year. How wonderful that you have something to help make them feel better. xo

  2. I hope your wee girl is better soon.

    And yay for sponsorship news! Can't wait to hear more x

  3. LOL at your ginger.. i opened a cupboard this morning and something tells me i have garlic heading the same way.
    Congrats on the sponsorship news too :)

  4. Haha, I have similar ginger issues. You should see the re-growth of potatoes that sometimes fester in the bottom of my pantry. Just wrong! Hope your small one gets better soon x

  5. Wow.. never use ginger so I don't have that problem :) Mouldy potatoes and onions is whole different kettle of fish!

    Love your photos!!

    #teamIBOT :)

  6. My garlic often grows but I'm blaming that on the temperate climate up here, becauses I u garlic like it is going out of fashion! :)

    My little one is not well either ATM, but I don't think she would let me keep an ice pack on her head. Panadol it is then! :)

  7. Hope your little one is feeling better, we are all struggling with something here at the moment as well. I love your ginger as well. Go stick it in the garden, might be one of those pretty flowering ones.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #team IBOT

  8. the time for everyone to get sick is looming I think. :( Hope she feels better soon and you stay healthy too :) x

  9. I am great at sprouting sweet potato in my cupboard, so don't feel so alone there! I hope your little one is better soon - I know the 'damn' emotion well :)

  10. My potatoes have eyes ; )
    I am sick and hoping the family stay healthy as it is only day 2 back at school for goodness sake - sheesh - can't we make it til winter before all dropping.

    Waiting patiently to hear sponsorship news...

  11. oh my onions grow back again. lol! sponsorship sounds very exciting!

  12. Ha ha ha! Love the fever reducer :-) look forward to hearing your news x

  13. I have a matching ginger in the pantry, I often buy more thinking I've run out only to dig further and find all manner of things!

  14. Ooo I like the sound of that - sponsorship news!

  15. And, that is why I've taken to buying minced ginger and garlic... (and also because I'm too lazy to crush/ chop it). Hope your little one is on the mend.

  16. I am glad that everyone seems to have things growing in their cupboard too. I guess I am not such a bad housewife after all.

    My little girl was sick all day but fingers crossed she'll be better tomorrow. Those temps are though to get down. Thank you for your concern.

    Rachel xx

  17. Yes always have potatos growing in my cupboard. But ginger is always kept in the fridge i find it keeps for longer. Hope your little munchkin feels better soon. my kids still have this week of school hols left.