Friday, April 20, 2012

Eyebrows! Are you more like Bert or Ernie

I  am a little obsessed with eyebrows. I believe they can make or break your look. Not all of us are blessed with thick brows to play with, I know I am not. My eyebrows start and finish in the wrong spots, are sparse and patchy. I naturally have daggy brows.

The best advice I can give you is to find a professional, a beautician or brow specialist that can look at your face and brows and create the best and most flattering brows for you.
I think Bert stole Ernie's eyebrows
I went straight to the top and convinced Katrina Beckett and Michelle from Lash Me to talk to me. Katrina is a Lash and brow guru with salons in North Lakes, Paddington, New Farm and St Kilda. As well as talking eyebrows, they are going to groom my brows.
The trend these days are for brows to be thicker and more naturally groomed, defined but not heavy handed. You want to find the best shape for your brows while keeping their natural appearance. This is the most flattering and make you look younger. Eyebrows that are too thin, nike ticked or over plucked looked dated and ageing.

Brow waxing - How often? This really depends on each person because their needs are different. If your hair is darker, thicker hair or fast growing you may need to visit every two weeks initially but if you have sparse, slow growing hair you could go as long as 4 - 6 weeks. I usually go for 4 - 8 weeks because my hair is thin and grows slowly and I pull out the odd obvious stray. Do not pull out strays if you are unsure. Michelle said that one hair can make all the difference.

Also, make sure your beautician is using the correct wax. You want a nice soft wax for sensitive areas like your face. I have been to beauticians who use the wrong wax and they have still successfully removed strays but taken my skin with them. When this scabs over you are looking significantly worse for a little while.

Gentle hands, Michelle had fingers like little butterfly kisses. There was no pain and I could have fallen asleep if I wasn't there to pick her brain. She said that it is important to keep the skin taunt and that reduces pain and also keeps your skin attached.

At home, Use a eyebrow pencil or shadow to fill in the gaps, make sure you have the right colour and use little strokes. Pluck the odd stray if you must but be prepared for the wrath of your eyebrow specialist if you mess up.
My eyebrows are uneven, spare, patchy
Neat, shaped, trimmed and tinted
This photo is taken immediately after my makeover. The tinting will fade a little and the redness reduce and I will be left with gorgeous, perfectly shaped, youth creating brows.

Lash Me
14 Discovery Drive, North Lakes

Great Celebrity brows Camilla Belle
Jennifer Aniston
Bad Celebrity brows - Fergie
Pamela Anderson
Miss Piggy
Hiiiiii-yaa!! Maybe she is always angry because she doesn't have eyebrows. I would be.


  1. I'm actually having an eyebrow wax today. My biggest problem is that I don't pluck errant hairs in between appointments. Fortunately I've got fine fair hair, so it's not too (too) ugly!

    My outer brows are quite thin though (I think it's somehow related to my hypothyroidism). I have occasionally had the hair there tinted (as it's also fair) but must confess I balk at paying $25 to darken a dozen tiny hairs!!!


  2. I am from the 'Ernie' camp here.. *sigh*

  3. Eyebrows are often overlooked I believe! I have always had blonde hair and black eyebrows growing up so know how they can stand out! I must say I thought your before photo was fine, but can see a difference in the two;)x

    1. Thanks, I think they photographed better than they really were. Maybe that's a good thing. :) Rachel x

  4. Wow Fergie looks really fake and really old. Anyways eyebrows. I have a bush. Was born with it so cant do much about it but get it styled. Its kind of a downer when the beautician pulls out some scissors to trim back some of your eyebrows.

    1. LOL, Don't feel bad, they used scissors on my brows too. :)

      Yes, Fergie isn't looking too good in that photo and she is only mid-30's. Have a great weekend. Rachel

  5. LOVE YOUR LOOK R and LOVE LASH ME!!! they shape my brows to perfection every time. x

    1. Hi Kavala, My eyebrows are looking even better today. I am so happy with them. Have a great weekend. Rachelx

  6. I'm rather obsessed with eyebrows too! All I can say is I am glad 'thicker' eyebrows are in, so much easier to maintain :)

    Your eyebrow makeover looks great. X

  7. I find there is nothing like having my eyebrows tidied up (waxed / plucked / threaded / whatever!) to make me feel like a million bucks. It's a little thing but I do love the results!