Thursday, April 19, 2012

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 118TSI Convertible car review

This week I have a Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 118TSI convertible to drive and review. I have an agreement with Northstar Motor Group Redcliffe. For one week each month I will have a car to play with and give an honest review of. I'll also give a few updates over that week, so stay along for my ride.
I have always liked Volkswagens so I was confident I knew what to expect. I was kinda wrong. It drove like I expected, a little rocket ship. I also knew I would like convertibles, but what I didn't know is that it would ignite a full blown love affair. I love the sunshine and wind. It makes me feel like I am on a boat, I'm at one with the elements, all windblown and carefree. I am pretty sure I was smiling the entire time I was driving.
What did the children think?
Miss 6 "Umm, fun and good, and umm so cool'
Miss 8 " Err, small and good and I like the roof'

Ok, they loved it as much as I did. There were no complaints about the small back legroom, their only concern was that there were no window controls in the back. There are two passenger seats in the back, so they were sitting very close, but weren't fighting. They were too busy enjoying the wind in their hair and watching the world whoosh by.

Is this a car for a family? I want to say yes because I really want a zippy convertible. I have to say no because you can't pick up the kid's friends and boot space is quite small. BUT, if you have one child or are a two car family, then yes. I would want something like this as one of the cars because it is so much fun.

Any other points of interest? I think anyone beside me at the lights hate it and not just because I looked so much cooler than them. It's because they get to hear my singing. There is no buffer, I am loud, bad and out there.
See how cool I am
The facts
Price from $42,000 driveway
2 doors and 4 seats
Engine - 1.4
Fuel consumption - 6.6km per litre. The petrol dial didn't seem to move.
5 star safety rating

Conclusion: The Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet convertible drove well. I do not have any complaints about driving, braking, comfort, fuel consumption or safety. My only concerns were from a busy mother perspective, with only two doors, an awkward boot and limited space for extra people, bags and a dog it wouldn't satisfy all my needs. I really loved my time with this car. If I could pump it up by 20-25% I would beg and plead (read nag) my husband for it. I live in Queensland, we are born for vehicles like this.

Northstar Volkswagen
322 Anzac Avenue Kippa-Ring
3480 8600

Yes, Northstar is a paid sponsor of Redcliffe Style but my opinions are not bought and I am always honest.


  1. I lOve this car .... Looks amazing and comfy !!! Ps your look fantastic in it !!!

    1. Thanks. It is comfortable and I think you can't help but look great in it. Thanks for commenting. Rachel x

  2. Ummm lucky you! im so jealous! the car looks cool. dont know if i like the no roof type of thing with the wind blowing around me but havent tried it before so wont really know.

    1. Thanks, I am lucky.I am now crazy about the no roof thing. You must give it a go. I am driving around looking at all these poor people with roofs and windows feeling sorry for them. Haha. I'll be back to one of those people Monday and will have to fall in love with something else. Thanks for commenting. Rachel x

  3. Such a lucky lady!

    I must say I have never been in a convertible. I so want to now though!

    1. I am trying to think if I had been in a convertible. Another lifetime ago so it didn't count. You really should experience one. I have a friend who dreams of zipping around in one, so I am going to try and hunt her down today. xx

  4. Rachel, you always make me laugh. I can't believe I enjoyed a car review. Are you going to do anymore? I hope so. Steph

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting. Rx

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