Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Things.....

This piece of ginger made me smile when I was grocery shopping. Usually that only happens if they resemble a bottom or penis. Am I the only person that thinks that is funny? This time I smiled because it was beautiful and fresh and needed to be used in some awesome dish. Or maybe I'll be lazy and grate it, lemon juice, sugar, icy water and a bucket load of ice for a refreshing drink. 
Marie Claire made me happy because they have a free Burt's Bee eye cream worth $29 attached. I like Burt's Bees. I word of warning, be careful when squeezing the cream out, mine exploded and I looked like Mrs Doubtfire  
My lunch made me happy. I was inspired by the corn fritters I had at Watercress on the weekend. These were not as good but they were still yummo.
My dog makes me happy. In her eyes I am so interesting, I smell good, and hunt well. She never rolls her eyes at me or tells me I am embarrassing.  


  1. The ginger does look hilarious... like a trussed chicken ready for roasting (or already lightly roasted given it's colour!).

  2. Rach thanks for the laugh! Mrs Doubtfire, heheh. I can't look at ginger without remembering my 4 year old sister asking mum why they where selling dog poo at the shops.

  3. All ginger is making me happy at the moment because it suddenly went from dried up and disgusting to beautifully fresh and juicy like the one you've got in your picture. Didn't even notice the penis!

    Thanks for the laugh! Mrs Doubtfite - hellooooooo - hilarious.

  4. te he, I too am smiling from ear to ear.x

  5. Oh I do love corn fritters, I whip them up all the time here so easy and yum with some homemade salsa.

  6. One day I am going to have a little white fluffy dog just like yours. Can't at the moment, our big ol' tomcat would bash 'em up!