Thursday, April 19, 2012

Season of June

I do wonder why some people are blessed with so much talent and others (like me) have to bumble through life pretending.

I came across this website and thought the photography was lovely. I like that the photographer it is looking at life differently but not 'trying' to be different. It's is so easy to called yourself an arteeeeest but not as easy to be one. Making this even more impressive is that this is run by two local young students, Thomas Hobbs and Jay Kane. They are hope to work in fashion, live concerts, art and have just started shooting a music video.

Please check out at:

Here are three photos. I love the feeling of peace they give me.


  1. They are beautiful photos!

    Sometimes I think to myself it would be lovely to be blessed with a very strong talent in something and really shine but then I think that I would really miss out at being 'good' at a few things... besides I always figure that I wouldn't have the stomach for 'shining'... it sounds exhausting!

    1. I know they are beautiful!

      And I couldn't more, it would be exhausting. Maybe I am already really talented but I am too lazy and never let it shine? LOL

      Thanks for commenting. Rachel x

  2. They are beautiful photos - very serene! I'm a bit of a 'jill-of-all-trades' - not really standing out in would be nice to, but perhaps it's a good thing to keep me grounded (so I keep telling myself anyway!)

    1. I love you thinking. I am sure you would be grounded anyway. :) Rachel x