Friday, April 6, 2012

I stalk food vans

It's Good Friday so we have to go the Festival of Sails. This festival celebrates the beginning of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race. There are lots of great things to keep you busy. There are stalls, rides, easter egg hunt, sand castle contest, etc. It is a great day for it, perfect temperature and a nice breeze.
I admit to being a food van stalker and I only go there for the food vans. I am vegetarian and luuurve the Hari Krishna feast and second up is the Hungarian Garlic bread man. Today I was disappointed because I could't see them. I settled for the vegetarian Indonesian curry and shared a Tibetan (I know this is wrong but I can't remember what it really was) cheesy pizza. Then with very round tummies we then started our waddle through the festival, you can imagine my joy when after 20 metres I came across the Hari Krishna van. I nearly cried. My tummy was so round and full and now my eyes where filling up too. Oh well!

To cheer ourselves up with sat on the beach and watch people trying to climb the rope ladder to win $50. With each loser falling off, I started to feel better, by the time my 6yo fell off three times I was back to my usual perky self.
 At the Petting zoo
Next on my list for food van stalking is What's cooking in the Park and The Kitefest.

I really like this self portrait. It is a window reflection. I think it really adds something special when you can see the doggy poo bags tied to the lead blowing in the breeze. At least they are empty.


  1. I was far too exhausted after visiting all the market stalls today to try the food, but those potato on a stick things sure did look good!

  2. Hi Amanda, My theory is that anything on a stick is excellent. :) Rx

  3. Sounds good. I've actually never heard of it.... shows the sort of sheltered life I lead!

  4. I love food vans too. My favourite is the Hungarian man and the german sausage man. Funny that they both end in man. Steph

  5. I just love the sky diving Easter Bunny. I love the little festivals we have here!