Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Babushka Babushka Ya-ya

I love this song by Kate Bush. I remember driving along, it blaring through the stereo and singing it loudly and emotion filled.

Now, years later I have quite a collection of Babushka dolls. It started about 10-15 years ago when my now husband bought one back from Germany. Somehow a collection has magically grown since then. Babushka images have become popular and common now, but my collection was here before the craze and will be here long after.

This is the original that started the collection. She is old and beaten up but still has a smile on her face. I think she got her Lashes done at Lash Me, because they look a-ma-zing

'How she was before the years flew by, and how she was when she was 
These were a gift from my Mother-in-law. They are actually Salt, pepper and... umm...salt (maybe?) shakers
'A pseudonymto fool him, she couldn't have made a worse move' 
Lindt and Kenzo (aka The Frauds). I only bought the chocolate and perfume because of the faux babushkas. We are very accepting and try to include them but they are the ones we pass to babies or toddlers to play with, suck on or throw at the dog.
'Wanted to see if he, would fall for her incognito' 
The world travellers. They came from far and wide and found a dusty little home that they now call "My dusty little home"
'He got the feeling they had met before'
Big Mamma. She is huge, I call her Amazon Babushka. I think I need to find her a matching man. Then she'll feel less self conscience. She sort of looks like she is hunching, trying to hide her height a little.
'Uncanny how she, reminds him of his little lady'
'He shouted out I'm all yours babushka, babushka, babushka ya-ya'

PS: I am joining up with Wordless Wednesday at My Little Drummer Boys.
PSS: I think I need to practise the wordlessness.


  1. Thanks for not being wordless today - a very cool post... Love the comment about the Lindt and Kenzo babushkas...

  2. Uuuummm that most exquisite dolls. I love chocolate.

  3. Hi Roobo69, Thanks, it was funny writing it but it must take a special person to resist adding words. x

    Hello Leovi, Thank you, I don't love chocolate as much as I did last week, lol. I think I have eaten too much over the last weekend. x

    Thank you for reading and commenting. Rachel xx

  4. Wow! So cool! I've seen dolls in shops from time to time but I've never known of anyone actually with some.

  5. They are gorgeous. We dont have any babushka dolls here but i think we might need some :)

  6. Hihi, love these bakusha dolls! I actually love the shakers most. Haha =) So adorable! Love all your descriptions and quotes too! Happy WW! =)

  7. I have measuring cup Babushkas. I love your collection.

  8. We love them here too - have 3 sets so far for the girls. I have often coveted all the babushka measuring cups etc We also tend to collect images like colouring pages or scrapbook paper etc.

    Great post

  9. Hi Becky, yeah, I am the dork that actually buys them from the shop :) Funny, that people just bought a few for me and then I started collecting them.

    Hello Lifeasmummymax, Thank you. I like them because of all the colours. They make me happy when I see them.

    Hi Summer, the shakers are cute, but have never been used. I prefer grinders. I am glad you like the quote, it was fun to write.

    Nicole, I completely forgot about the measuring cups. I have those too. :)

    Thanks for your comments, Rachel xx

  10. Such a Babushka fan! I don't have any though as both the Workaholic and I are declutter freaks and if I had one I'd have a thousand...

    Great post.

  11. Hi Deb, Kids love babushka dolls. They would look nice in their room. I bought my measuring cups cheap on ebay before they came here. They probably still have them.

    Hello Sam-O, I am a de clutter person too but then I have little areas of clutter. It would probably drive you nuts :)

    Thanks for reading. Rachel xx

  12. I so remember playing with these when I was a little girl...good memories!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy WW!

  13. LOVE babuskas! We have measuring cups.

  14. so sweet :) thanks for joining *Tina´s wordless wednesday*

  15. I love babushka dolls. I've had a set since I was a little girl that I'd like to add to eventually.

  16. What a great collection! They are just adorable.

  17. Great post today. I love your little dolls

  18. What a great collection! I like that you have resisted the more recent offerings on the market. Keeping it real in this trend driven world. Respect.

  19. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous. We have 4 baboushka dolls at home, 3 are bought in Russia (one is over 30 years old) and one is featuring the image of the Norwegian king so it is a little random. They are so magical. I will take pictures next time I'm home X

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