Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Veggie Burger

I have been craving a burger and no, I am not pregnant. I think it was because of the (semi) cold snap in Brisbane.

One thing that annoys me about being vegetarian is the bad burgers. I don't like the frozen veggie patties some places defrost and throw on, so I usually end up ordering a burger without the meat/patty. Afterwards I am left feeling unsatisfied, like something is missing. It's like ordering a pizza and asking them to leave off the base, or Spaghetti Bolognese and hold the pasta.

I decided to visit a new burger place that has opened in Blue Water, Redcliffe called 'Burger Box'. I was happy to see there were two vegetarian burgers on the menu (score!) and neither of them looked like the frozen veggie patty. The African Veggie burger looked awesome, chickpea fritter, harrisa, etc etc but I decided to go for the Vegetarian Feast. I will buy anything that has feast in it's name.
It has salad, haloumi, grilled mushrooms, grilled capsicum and more. To be honest, I don't like mushroom or capsicum but I am trying hard to be a little more accepting of them. I inhaled this burger, I was either really hungry or the burger was that good, I didn't once notice the mushrooms or capsicum. I ordered a side of chips for my girls to share, this is a very small serve and I should have ordered the regular.
 Then I noticed the dinner menu. You had me at Trio of Dips.

Burger Box Gourmet Burgers
Shop 4 Blue Water Square
20 Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe

3284 0040

I did not receive any payment to visit this restaurant. I am happy to receive payment or food (or wine) as incentive to visit but I will always give an honest opinion, rachel@redcliffestyle.com


  1. you are going to think i am a freak, but i love veggie burgers -- even the frozen kind! i know that is weird!

    and i would be ALL OVER THIS BURGER! it looks scrumptious!!!

    1. Hi Drollgirl, It was scrumptious. I think I have to go back to try the chickpea one. It sounds awesome. Rachel x

  2. I can't stand vegetarian frozen stuff either! Not that I am a vegetarian though!

    1. No when it is so easy to make things fresh, they have no excuse. Rachel x