Monday, November 28, 2011

All things Papier Mache

You would be amazed what you find when you walk around the Peninsula with your eyes open.  In Jetty Arcade, I came across a space that made me rub my eyes and check again.  It was full of large colourful, happy, sculptures.  You can't walk past and not smile.  Everything is made from recycled products.  There was a full-size dog playing the piano, a complete man-sized chess set, a beach bum pinata, a gorgeous ethereal mermaid.   It's hard to believe these are all papier mache.  The time and effort that Lynette and Michelle have put into these sculptures is amazing.

They will make items to order too.  Imagine a life size nativity scene for next Christmas, or a George Clooney sculpture standing in your bedroom corner or even a Julia Gillard pinata at your next election party. The possibilities are endless.

They also specialise in items for stage or theatre, 3D paintings and murals, themed parties and so much more.  Keep them in mind.

Big Papier Mache Things
Jetty Arcade
139 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe
0404 491 096
0404 153 494

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