Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Blonde debate and other Sunday musings

So far, this blonde experiment is going well. Blonde definitely seems more approachable than brunette and morning preparation time is quicker. If anything, this is a strange one, service is slower. I must seem easy going and chilled. I guess, I feel a little like that too.

What a beautiful morning on the waterfront! Scarborough beach was gorgeous, water sparkly and the perfect temperature for a early morning outing with my girls. Walking along the beach, it was so peaceful, sand squeaking under my feet, salty breeze, soft little waves, gentle sun. I am constantly reminded how lucky we are to live here.

Also, completely different subject, I went to Chermside for the first time in months. I was relieved the first 3 hours of parking are free. I love that they tell you how many car parks are free up each aisle. I guess the new chilled, relaxed side of me only sees the positives. Maybe when I am back to brunette, I'll be annoyed and pressured by the 3 hour free limit. Until then, chill baby!

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