Friday, November 4, 2011

Tips and tricks - The Morning Escape

I am now able to get myself ready in about 10 (or 15) minutes to leave the house semi-presentable for the morning school run. There has been some pretty, scary mornings and I pretty much give up if I am going straight to the gym from the school. But here is my morning routine;
  • Quick shower - if I am in a rush I don't let my hair get wet. Wash your face in the shower
  • Brush teeth, sunscreen, moisturiser, eye cream, deodorant. Don't put on any makeup yet, give the moisturiser time to settle;
  • Choose a simple no-iron outfit - which is every outfit I own, and usually grab an interesting accessory or fun shoes;
  • Twist and pin hair back. I obviously don't have a problem the messy look. If I had another 5 minutes, I would run the GHD through to straighten a little, but not too straight and leave hair out;
  • Eyeliner, Mascara, cream blush, lipstick. The brighter the lipstick,the more done I seem. If I had more time I would use foundation, under eye concealer and neaten eyebrows; and
  • Perfume, jewellery, sunglasses.
Then I am ready. I can now use the valuable time left to, check homework (not done), make breakfast and then keep making breakfast until their seemingly, bottomless, hunger holes are filled, tie hair into ponytails (then re-do because they wanted two plaits instead), brush their teeth, and corral the girls into the car ("Please stop playing 'puppies' and get in the car").

Now your turn, any tips you may have for the second part of my morning routine would be really appreciated.

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