Saturday, November 26, 2011

Redcliffe Seaside Ice Rink

When strolling along the beaches of Redcliffe with the warm sun beaming down on me, it's hard to imagine 50 metres away people are skating on ice. Today is the opening of the Redcliffe Seaside Ice Rink and it was the place to be.  The rink was buzzing with energy, there was lots of laughter and smiles.  You can hire skates, purchase drinks and you can even hire "penguins" to help the younger children balance.  My girls were a little disappointed that real penguins weren't going to be guiding them around the rink but got over it and managed to have a fantastic time anyway.  The rink will be set up until 11 December.  It's excellent to have another option on a warm summer (or spring) day.

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  1. We were there this weekend too! It is soooo much fun.