Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pet Peeves

Earlier this week I read an article about unwritten rules and it got me thinking.  Thinking too much.   I must have more unwritten rules or pet peeves than most people.  I have been walking and driving around the last two days making notes whenever someone broke an unwritten rule or seemed to lack general social graces.  It made me feel like a member of the "Secret Polite Police" or 'Miss Suburban Manners'.  Feel free to make your own suggestions and become a founding member of the SPP.

Car Manners
  • If someone lets you in, acknowledge them with a little wave.  It's their payment for nice manners;
  • Speeding up on a round about so you can show people they didn't have space to enter, just shows you are a loser; and
  • Park within the lines of the car space.

  • Don't talk on your phone when you are at the checkout; and
  • Move your trolley to the side of the aisle when walking about.
  • Boys - pull your pants up.  We are looking at your undies and you are not Marky Mark; and 
  • Girls - pull your tops down.   As much as I hate the term 'muffin top', that combined with peek-a-boo undies, you can do much better than this.
  • Don't be vague with your status updates. "Why me????" "Sigh..." "Over it".   Then don't respond to the concerned responses;
  • Bad grammar.  'Y dont u just lern 2 spel? lol :)'; and
  • 4000 friends doesn't make you popular.
Host, guest and eating
  • Be punctual.  If it is unavoidable, then phone before your arrival time;
  • Host does not = staff.  Be a good guest;
  • Bring something.  If you are a drinker, then don't bring less than you plan to drink;
  • If you have been invited to eat, tell the host beforehand if you have any dietary requirements, not when you sit down to eat;
  • No-one wants to see your masticated food.  Keep your mouth closed when eating; and
  • Thank the cook.
Mobile Phone
  • The speaker phone is for when you are alone and not when around other people.  No one wants to hear what you did on the weekend, etc;
  • Leave the phone alone when you are eating.  The phone enhances already gross chewing sounds; and
  • We can hear the toilet flushing. We know what you were doing.

  • Please don't sniff or snort, use a tissue; and
  • Replace empty toilet rolls and put the old roll in the bin.

Pets, these need to be mentioned because the title is Pet Peeves
  • Please keep your dog fenced.  For their safety and others; and
  • Dogs shouldn't bark all the time.  Work out the reason and help them.


  1. Don't forget tailgaters, I just had one all the way to work.

  2. Loved reading your list of pet peeves. I posted about mine a while ago on my blog too, seems we both hate drivers who do the wrong thing on roundabouts!