Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet my Nemesis

Today was the first day of conquering my fear of singing. I do have a fear of singing and of anyone hearing me sing. I will mime happy birthday, and avoid karaoke and sing-star games (except for one night and that footage must remain buried deep - and yes, this is a threat).

I met with Melissa of Diva Voice Studios located in Scarborough. It's hard to believe she managed to make me completely forget about my fears. I realised when I was going through the exercises, I was forgetting to sing quietly and put on my 'singing voice'. Melissa seems confident there is hope, and she has passed it on to me. I am getting excited.

We are so lucky to have such a great singing school and teacher on the Peninsula.

Anyway, I am off to pick up the girls from school and I am going to practice my vocal exercises in the car, LOUDLY!


  1. Good on you who said your life stops after you have children .... someone who hasn't tried singing !!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! We can't be scared to try new things. Our children love to see us trying too.