Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning...

We had such a nice morning. Our only plan was to buy some craft fabric from JJ Bargain Centre on Sutton Street. The girls were giggling gleefully at each delightful treasure they "had to have". After 30mins of tough negotiations, they settled on 6 fabrics. Then off on a nice, slow walk to find some canvas. We enjoying buskers and dropped in to visit Steve Whitfield at the SeeArt Gallery. He only shows art from local artists and they are fantastic. I'll be devoting a lot more time to this gallery soon. Then picking up a perfect coffee and cannolo (singular of cannoli, but still doesn't look right) from the cute coffee nook Nerosso on Redcliffe Parade. Home to create some crafty, masterpieces but only created mounds of shredded fabric and a dog in a purple skirt.


  1. We moved from Sydney to Redcliffe a year ago. I have really loved reading your pages and I have been making a list of all the place we have to visit. I didn't even know about half these places.

    Woody Pointer

  2. Thanks Woody Pointer. I know, I find new places all the time.