Sunday, November 6, 2011

And this little Piggy went to Market.

We love to go to the Redcliffe Markets on Sunday mornings but it's even better when you go by boat. This morning the weather and water were perfect for it.

When we arrive at the Markets, the first stop is always the Coffee van, then go in search of breakfast food. Once our tummies are satisfied, we are free to mosey around and make our various purchases. Fresh fruit, bread, flowers, licorice, and always Olive oil and olives. Ali's Olive Oils are delicious. I love the Lemon Myrtle favoured one for salads and the Garlic and Chilli for just about everything else.

With round tummies and full arms, we then walk back down the jetty to the boat. This time we headed out to Moreton Island. This trip was unplanned, so we all had a dip in our clothes, then made a lunch with our market goodies and enjoyed a chilled Corona. MMmmm. How lucky are we to live on the bay.

Rosy cheeks, sandy feet, wind blown hair, great company. It's hard to beat.

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