Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Effects

My last Christmas polish effect was both disappointing and boring and these are not words I think you should use when describing Christmas anything. My second attempt is so much better. Think exciting, colourful and joyous. This OPI nail polish is so decorative, you could just stick it on the tree like this.  
If you would like to duplicate the effect, I used Napoleon 'Ritzy' (red) on the all the nails but OPI Nicole 'Give me the first dance' (silver) on the ring fingers. Then OPI 'Rainbow Connection' on the tips expect for the ring fingers that were completely covered. Finished off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip Top coat.
I am going to casually point at things all day just so people can see my nails and ohh and ahh over them. See how casually I am pointing at my equally sparkly iPhone. So casual, yet so cool. I am off to the gym now to point at some weights.


  1. Just discovered your blog. Love the concept. Love the pics. Love your writing. Wishing there was something like this down in fair Redland City at the other end of the bay, where I live! Also wishing that it could be me doing it!!! But I think I have enough on my plate at the moment - already work 4 days a week, run a small quarterly magazine, blog, monthly ezine, etc ... oh well I can dream and I find your blog seriously inspirational! I grew up on the northside of Brissie and knew Redcliffe quite well once upon a time. Looks like it's changed a lot!

  2. Thank you, it's so nice to receive feedback and such nice feedback. I have only been blogging for 2/3 months and wasn't sure why or my direction. But, I am loving it and letting the blog find it's own direction. You would be really busy with everything you are doing.

    Redcliffe has changed a lot since I moved here 8 years ago. I love it. Your niece goes to Mueller? My daughters go there too. Fantastic school. Such a small world we live it.

    I visited your blog and really enjoyed it. I will have to spend more time over there. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks for visiting and come back anytime!!

  3. Very cute nails they are very Christmas in that cheery Christmas way!

  4. Thanks Alela, I received lots of compliments when I was out pointing at things today. I just took it off and now have a nude coloured nail with the sparkles around the bottom. I might even like this one better. I am off to snoop around your blog now!

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Wow only that long?!

    I know what you mean, my blog is constantly changing and morphing. It was originally meant to be just news from Footprints magazine but has turned into all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff ... it's fun!

  6. I just checked and my first post was Oct 12, 2011. O can barely remember life before it.

  7. it is amazing!

  8. Thanks Cookie, and thanks for visiting.

  9. Points at the weights. LOL.

  10. Hi Rachel from Redcliffe - I'm from just over the road in Lawnton...have really enjoyed your blog, keep writing - you do it so well! The photos and subjects are great also, and I like how good-natured and supportive you are about your local community.

    I was inspired by you to go and buy OPI Rainbow Connection, and I am sporting sparkly tips for Christmas :)

    Like another commenter here, I was giggling at "point at weights"

    Merry Christmas to you!

  11. Hello therhythmmethod, Thanks for visiting I love your blog! It's very funny. I don't think you have lost your funny at all, maybe you had an excess to start??

    Hi Anonymous from Lawnton, I am glad you like the blog. I am still trying to find my feet but loving it. I heard there is a great chiness restaurant in Lawnton (near a caravan park maybe) - Is it still there?? The Rainbow connection is fun - I just redid with a nude similar but opposite version. I'll pop a photo up on the facebook page for you.

  12. I don't usually like glitter in nail polish but that's really pretty!


  13. Hello Seeking Style, I am the same, but I really like OPI Rainbow Connection. I think it's because it has different sizes, shapes and colors in the polish. I did a version with nude yesterday (put a photo on my Facebook page). I think I like it better. Thanks for visiting, I am off to have a peek at your blog now. Rachel xx