Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Gunk

This post is really for my own enjoyment.  Please feel free to ignore it and me and come back tomorrow.

A reader and friend told me about a mask you can order on line. I love an intense and fun mask, make it cheap and a gross colour and I'll like it even more.  This was about $5 on ebay, Daiso black mask.  I realise that isn't very informative, but it does say it's a natural pack.  Imagine a black, gooey, pore pack that you can paint over your entire face, then peel off.  Awesome, I know.  So the moment it arrived by posts, I washed my face and applied.  Both my girls were giggling the whole time.  I couldn't read the instructions, so I went by my gut.  Once it was dry, I thought it was time to peeled off.  It probably dried in about 5 mins, but then I played with my camera for another 10mins.  As you can see, I put some pink gloss on to make it look more appealing (notice the pun?)
 Super hero

 Fresh as a daisy, well slightly red
Thank you Gladys de Leon, this was extremely rewarding.  I do think I'll try it again tomorrow but I'll paint it on thicker and try to take it off in one piece.  I hope the instructions that I can't read don't say "Whatever you do, never, ever use two days in a row"


  1. Bwahahaha! The things we do for beauty! I apply mine thicker, so that there is no skin visible and no pore left undrowned, and I find the whole thing comes off in one skin dragging piece. It does take ages to dry when its thick though, so heads up on that. I do love the glamorous lippie shot though!


  2. Thanks Gladys, I am looking forward to the thick application trial. No more photos but I'll let you know how it goes. Awesome product, thanks for telling me about it. Rachel xxx

  3. Thanks Jodie, this mask was awesome. My husband even had to try it. It was funny watching him do manly fix-it jobs around the house with the mask on.

    Thanks for reading. Rachel

  4. Rachel, you crack me up lol
    Though must admit, as much a s boy as I am, I do love a mask from time to time.. shhhhh
    Mike Harrison

  5. Well hello Harrison of the Mike. I can tell by the tone of your comment you are extremely masculine and wearing a mask (superhero or skin cleansing) can not take that away from you. Rachel xx