Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wet, wet, wet

I am so glad it's raining today.  I was listening to it all night hoping it would hang around for a bit.  I know I'll have frizzy hair and the kids will be forced to play inside, but I will get to put on my beloved gum boots, go outside and jump in puddles.  These are from Thomas Cook.  I hope they do some more in another pattern this year.

Quick change of subject.  Don't you love it when you cook something really yummy and at least one other person in the family goes crazy for it.  Last night I did just that.  I made some delicious corn fritters with salad, sour cream, chilli jam. Coriander, chilli, lime, chives scents wafting through the house.  Mmmm!!!  The kids weren't interested, my husband was out having Christmas drinks somewhere, but the dog was crying with excitement.  I always knew she was my favourite.

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  1. HI there :) I am loving those gumboots of yours. Totally worth a rainy day. xxx