Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A day on the Peninsula

The first stop of the day was Genesis Rothwell.  I survived my Muay Thai hour and it was fun.  I found a photo of Mark so you can see how intimidating he can look.  But, don't that scare you, we had so much fun and he even complained that I was smiling too much.  It was a great work out for relieving stress.  I am sure it'll get harder when I get the techniques correct.  In case you were wondering, Mark didn't seem to notice my intricate fiddly braids and twists but they stayed put for the work out.  Next week I'm going to wear a feathered hair piece and see if anyone notices.
Then, after a shower, off for a girly time at Beautiful you in Margate.  I got a pedicure and a gorgeous bright shellac polish.  One of my daughters got a hair cut and the other got to play with some Lashes, eyelashes.  She looked like the cutest little drag queen.  The Lashes eyelashes are amazing and not Kardashian-like at all.  Toni the owner and I had a funny conversation but I will save that for another post.

 I think my feet now have magical powers
Our last stop was to meet my aunt for lunch at Sangas in Scarborough on the waterfront.  Leonie always has great fresh sandwiches and very yummy homemade treats.  Today she had some delicious brandy, chocolate and pecan balls. I bought some for my daughters and then tried to convince them they were yucky.  They still ate them.  Selfish girls.

We are so lucky living on the Peninsula.  Beautiful weather, gorgeous water views, great shops, even better locals.


  1. I love your hair! The little twists look so pretty.

    Loving the pink toes too :)

  2. Thanks Melinda, it's a easy way to do hair, when you don't have time. I seem to resort to it a lot at the moment.