Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet my new friend!

A facebook friend told me about a local business called Lenz Friendz.  I visited their facebook page and thought it was fantastic.  They make a soft accessory for your camera and have 13 fun, colourful designs to choose from.  I take my camera everywhere and am constantly snapping (verbally, emotionally and with my camera).  I dare any child, or even adult, to look away when I approach with my 'Crazy Bird', he has since been renamed Leo.

Jessica is the lady behind this great product.  Her mum is a photographer and when Jessica helped her out on shoots, she noticed how difficult it can be to make children look at the camera.  She came up with this design to give the kids something to focus on.  This is only $15 including postage.

I took Leo to Monkey business this morning to test him out.  He more than did his job and was worth every cent.

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