Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Product Review - Clinique turnaround overnight moisturiser

I received a sample of this to review. I am always a little wary of night time creams. I love a nice light night gel that smells great and performs miracles while I am sleeping (like reversing time and longer legs). This was a little heavier than I usually like and didn't smell like I was skipping through a field of roses with a handsome besotted prince. The clinique write up mentions the miracles it should perform while I sleep "Instantly replaces dull, worn-out surface cells with livelier, more luminous ones. Skin breathes. Accepts moister better. Then, it optimizes up-an-coming cells to help the best and brightest emerge". Wow, that's a lot to live up to, I even feel a little sorry for dull worn-out cells.
I can't confirm that it will optimize your up-and-coming cells, nor confirm it will it search and destroy dull surface cells and find the livelier, more luminous ones (until it's time for their death too). My jar is only small, I did wake up looking fresher, it could be because of sleep but I think the cream was nice, not too heavy and maybe took a few dull, underactive cells and replaced them with not so dull ones. This jar may last two weeks. I'll update up and confirm the status of my luminous cells.

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