Friday, December 23, 2011

A Vegetarian's nightmare?

My Peninsula eyes and ears, also know as Lisa van der Zalm (from Car Bizz, Margate), told me to check out Rene's Fine European Smallgoods in Clontarf. Being vegetarian, the idea of wood smoked ham, gourmet sausages and hot salami is not appealing, but Lisa insisted. So like a good little girl, I grabbed my meatitarian 6yo and trotted off across the Peninsula to Clontarf and came across Lisa's husband exiting as I entered. "Hello kind Sir" "Good day 'mam".

I will admit that I wasn't too excited, but this was so much better than I anticipated. I did purchase some meaty products for my husband but I also got some yummy cheeses and they have an awesome selection of jams, german products, etc. Rene uses premium products and is gluten free, their motto is 'Lean, Gourmet, Everyday'

Rene offered my littlie a piece of sausage as we were leaving. She has been raving about it ever since, she thinks it was so good, even I would like it (She is probably right too, but I won't tell her). After three hours of listening to her no-stop drooling about the sausage, I have agreed to take her back tomorrow. What have I raised?

Rene's Fine European Smallgoods
41 Tubbs Street, Clontarf
07 3283 7711

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