Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Ray of Sunshine at Inglots

Yesterday I found myself at North Lakes Westfield AGAIN. You think I would be more organised.  Probably if I stepped away from my computer I would be. I as passed by the Inglot counter for the 20th time this month and called for my girls to get their little fingers out of the colourful pots for the 20th time, I paused and really noticed this shop. Within minutes my fingers were in the colourful pots too. The sales lady spotted me, I dropped my eyes but she came over anyway. I am glad she did.

This lovely ray of sunshine was so lovely and helpful.  She is passionate about the products and I love anyone that is passionate about anything.  So, then there was four of us playing with the colourful pots.  Amy, the delightful make-up lady is a Vlogger, a video blogger and has fantastic helpful make-up tutorials on utube. When we got home, my daughters goggled her and watched a number of her vlogs.  They are so excited to know someone so famous.  Hahaha.

Next time I am at North Lakes (I hope it's not today), Amy is going to be kind enough to help me put together my own Magnetic eyeshadow palette.

You too can find Amy at the Inglot counter, or on utube (search amysass7) and on facebook


  1. Hi, I just wanted to post a comment to say thank you for starting this blog. It's so inspiring to read all about what the peninsular has to offer, I look forward to getting out and about in my home town more!

  2. Thank you Anonymous for your kind words. I love getting feedback. I have only been doing this for 2/3 months and still finding my feet. It's comments like yours that make me feel like I am doing something positive. Redcliffe is such a great area and I love getting the opportunity to meet and talk to some interesting and inspiring people. Feel free to make suggestions too.

    Rachel xx

  3. Amaysass is at Inglot at North Lakes??? I've been following her for ages and I never knew! I knew she was an Inglot girl but not where. She is fabulous.

  4. Another amazing coincidence! She is the manager.